the art of simplicity

Cindy Labrecque first studied Applied Art, specialising in ceramics, then continued her studies as a Visual Arts student at University. It is her passion for pictures, especially photography, that has encouraged her focus to be transposing images onto ceramics.

Over time, Cindy has created unique collections, which are both useful and decorative. Her goal: to create beautiful objects which are 100% handmade in Quebec, that can be integrated into everyone’s daily life.

Each collection is unique. THE ESSENTIALS is a purposefully minimalist and contemporary collection. WILDLIFE AROUND US pays homage to nature’s beauty as perceived by Cindy and permits her to work with one of her favourite mediums: sketching. Finally, VINTAGE celebrates the beauty of historical objects and vintage designs, which never fail to awaken memories.

artistic approach

"Nature is at the heart of my practice: it is my inspiration, and my refuge. The need to find myself there, to connect with it, as often as possible, is vital to me.

Nature soothes me and energizes me: she is my ideal. With her, nothing is wasted, everything has its use. For me, it is the most beautiful thing there is.

Hands in clay, behind my wheel, in the calm of my studio and through the repetition of gestures, I find back this contemplative state of fullness that I feel in the forest."

"In each object that I make by hand, through the shapes, colors and materials that I choose, it is a part of these feelings that I hope to transmit to the person who will then integrate it into their daily life. Beauty and simplicity, harmony and softness.

I create everyday objects, with multiple uses, which accompany you in the pleasure of sharing a meal with those you love, as well as in the happiness of a little moment of solitude just for yourself. Beautiful, and useful: objects that are part of life, naturally, and in all simplicity."


Since childhood, Cindy has always stood out for her artistic abilities. At 17, she decided to continue her studies in arts and craft, specializing in ceramics, at the Maison des métiers d'art de Québec. Then she obtained a bachelor's degree at Laval University in visual arts.

early days

It is her passion for images, more particularly photography, which led Cindy, at the end of his studies, to return to ceramics and to become interested in image transfer. In 2007, she launched her first collection of utilitarian and decorative ceramics: Urbaine. Using custom made decal, she was able to transfer her own photographs onto her white ceramics, made by hand using hand-building, and wheel-throwing.

le collectif


Then in 2008, in collaboration with Collectif Interférence, the Insectes collection was born, this time using old engravings as decorations. The collective also won the Prize of Excellence, Capital section, for its participation in Plein'art in 2009.

a step back

After a 4-year break, during which she worked, among other things as a graphic designer and a photographer, Cindy came to the realization that something was missing: creating and making with her own hands.

back to clay

In 2015, she returned to ceramics for good. Initially continuing the production of her Urbaine and Insectes collections, she quickly began to explore other techniques and materials. She launched collections of ceramic jewelry. Also resulted from these explorations the utilitarian collections Mattitude and Rose Baroque, as well as a series of hand-built works mixing painting and screen printing.

de nouvelles

new collections

It was in 2017 that Cindy launched her most successful collections: The Wildlife and Vintage collections. The Essentials then followed. She also participated in the spring edition of the One of a Kind show in Toronto that same year.

errances nostalgiques

In January 2018, Cindy presented her first solo exhibition at the Marius-Barbeau Museum in St-Joseph-de-Beauce, Errances Nostalgiques. This exhibition combined ceramics, screen printing, photography, painting and installation. This year was a very busy one for Cindy because she also participated in the Quartier Artisan accelerator in Lac Mégantic.

the studio

After more than 3 years of sharing a collective studio, Cindy moved into her own space on 3rd avenue in Limoilou, in the summer of 2019. A vast and bright location which inspires her on a daily basis, and which allows her business to expand.

towards more

sustainable ceramics

2023 marked a turning point for Cindy: motivated by a desire to reduce her environmental impact, she committed to a sustainable approach. Nature being at the center of her practice, it was the logical continuation of things for her. She will begin a research project in 2024 on the recyclability of ceramics and the integration of local materials and waste into her production. To find out more, subscribe to our newsletter and visit our blog.